As many of you may know, I am constantly on the road for work and you know what that means – health and fitness is not my main priority. Or let’s just say it gets put on the back-burner. There’s no need to even mention how hard it is to eat a healthy meal at a restaurant when everyone around you is indulging like they are on vacation. Most of my team that travels with me only goes out occasionally, so for them it is like a vacation, but for me who is on the road every other week – that could add up to a lot of extra calories and dare I say it, a lot of extra pounds. (Which by the way, I have let that happen – but now it’s time for a change) I worked hard to lose all that weight and I am very disappointed in myself that I let work get in the way of that. I am back on track now, and just because it is hard doesn’t make it impossible. My health is worth it. So I thought I would put together some “no excuse on the road workouts”. There is no equipment needed and you don’t need a ton of space either. Let’s get into it…







I like to repeat this one a few times to get a quick sweat in, especially if I didn’t sleep well in the hotel or get up late. It’s a great way to get your metabolism going in the AM and it gives me so much energy during the day – especially because I sit on butt in a classroom all day. 🙂

Next week I will be in Puerto Rico so I will have to be very mindful of my diet there… they tend to feed us well or badly , but everything in moderation right? That is my new motto.

Let me know how these workouts work for you – these are some that I like to use and let’s be honest they are just great at home workouts – no gym required!