Guess what??! I have officially moved! That’s right! No more Washington DC traffic and craziness for me – no sir. I lived in that area for 10 years. I can’t even really believe I was up there for that long. There are so many memories up there – so many great people that I had the pleasure of meeting or working with. I will miss parts of it – and no not just the part about being close to an IKEA store. It was my home for 10 years of my life.

So here begins a new adventure in my life. I have just moved into a townhouse and started a brand new job with a new school and things are starting to settle in. Changes can be scary – but I think that change also builds our character. Getting too comfortable or stuck in a rut is never good for anyone. We should be constantly evolving and adapting to what is around us. This is how we grow as people – taking that huge leap. I took on a lot by moving. I literally picked up my life and said – that’s it, it is time for a new place and a new challenge. Call me crazy, because believe there were times when I thought I wasn’t doing the right thing. But the more that I am here, the more I see that my gut instinct was right.

Ok enough rambling for one post.

I am going to be very excited to show you my newly decorated place, once I can get all these dang boxes out of the way :-).  Oh and did I mention that I live 6 miles from my job. 6 MILES. And it take me LESS than 10 minutes to get to work. You don’t get that in Fairfax VA, now do you? Don’t even have to get on an interstate… or a metro… or a bus. I’m spoiled I know.

… AND In honor of National Dance Day – I give you – this video. You’re welcome.

Enjoy your Saturday night kids!