“We can’t help but ask, “Why?” Forgive our insistence, our confusion, even our anger. We believe that you are just, and we ache to understand how this tragic death is an expression of that justice, how it expresses your love. We also know – in our minds at least – that you seldom answer the “why?” question. We press you, but on these matters you are mostly silent.

What we ask instead is “how?” How can we move forward? How can this bring us together and not tear us apart? How can we now live under the shadow of this untimely death? Answer this prayer with your comfort and guidance.

There is no way to remove the pain. The grief is real. The only sanity is to know, to believe, in a life beyond with you, when all the scales are righted and the sufferings are made good. We trust you and your promise that while this child’s life on earth is done, his life beyond has just begun. With that release we lose him and let him go into your arms, then by faith receive in return the boundless comfort of your presence. That is all, that is enough.” 

(taken from beliefnet)

In loving memory of our angel who looks down on us every day.


Basketball, Tie Dye and Oreos… oh my!

Here are some pictures from some of the latest cupcake creations from my kitchen. We have a LeBron James cake and basketball cupcakes for a certain nephew who wanted to feature his favorite player for his birthday. Also, a tie dye cake shaped like a t-shirt for my niece’s birthday and her gal pals. Plus Oreo cupcakes (to DIE for) – chocolate cake with Oreo bottom, chocolate frosting with crushed Oreo and a mini cookie on top! And lastly, chocolate root beer cupcakes made for the winner of our raffle to benefit CHKD! Enjoy!

This or That

I love a good survey. It really helps learn a little more about the person behind the computer (or iphone camera lens) 🙂 This one has a lot to with health and fitness – and I must say, filling it out has sparked me to get back into some of these habits again. When you work out and eat healthy, you just feel better. Anyways, please feel free to play along with the survey in the comment section! Start your engines here we go!

  • Run or Work Out in the Heat and Humidity or the Freezing Cold?

I’m going to have to go with cold. I can wear layers and be warm – but I HATE to be hot. I am one cranky lady if it’s too hot.

  • Have Washboard Abs or Flat Abs?

Flat abs – I have realistic goals.

  • Dr. Oz or The Doctors?

Neither one. I think they are all a bit cuckoo. I used to think that Dr. Oz might actually know what he’s talking about back in the day when he was under the wings of Oprah. But lately I feel his show to be WAY over the top and honestly he just annoys me. Same for The Doctors.

Kitty Litter, I mean really?
  • Cardio or Strength Workouts?

Cardio! All day, erryday! I love a good Zumba workout or brisk walk or run. Just makes you feel invigorated!

  • Cravings: Protein or Carbs?

Carbs! Was that really a necessary question? I don’t know anyone that craves protein. Except for maybe Ed – in case you didn’t know, just like I get cranky in the heat, Ed gets cranky if there’s no meat. That should be our tagline.

  • Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper?

I love Jillian! Jillian whipped my butt into shape and I cursed her name all the time during her videos BUT I loved her afterwards. She’s a great trainer. I like Bob too, but he’s too soft – scream at me! Tell me to get off my lazy butt and do it!

I personally love the Yoga Meltdown and 30 day shred – I think those 2 are amazing. In fact, I feel inspired to do them again!

  • Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?

Both please. Yes definitely both. In fact, where’s the nearest Sweet Frog

  • Strength Training Upper Body or Lower Body?

Lower Body is easier, because my legs are much stronger I feel like – but both suck the day after.

  • Protein Powder or Food with Protein?

I love a good protein smoothie – so I’m gonna have to go with powder,

  • Lunges or Squats?

Ugh. Why don’t we just go ahead and add Burpees in there – that way we can cover all the exercises I despise.

  • Sweet or Salty?

Well this question is just plain silly.

  • Workout Attire: Cute or Comfy?

Can’t it be both?

  • Yoga or Pilates?

Yoga all the way! Although I do love me some Blogilates! Casey Ho is so energetic and fun and encouraging – she makes me forget I’m doing Pilates – thanks Casey!

  • Running: Treadmill or Outdoors?

Outdoors – I get too bored on a treadmill.

  • Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?

Whole Foods tends to be quite pricey so I gravitate to Trader Joe’s. HOWEVER, Whole Foods has an amazing prepared foods section.

  • Exercises Classes or Exercise Videos?

Obviously I love videos, the only exercise class that I’ve found that I like is Zumba. Oh and I took a Belly Dance class once – that was really fun too. But I mostly like working out in the comfort of my home – just me and my buddies Jillian and Casey. We are BFF.

Well if this survey has taught you nothing, it has taught you that I can be quite indecisive. Unless it has to do with lunges, squats or burpees – in that case my feelings are clear. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

Goodnight my lovelies!

Why am I talking about Fall already?

Happy August Everyone! I know everyone says this – but wow has the Summer just flown by. Pretty soon it will be Fall, my favorite season by the way, and not just because Fall means my birthday ;-). I am in love with anything and everything pumpkin, the colors of the leaves, the weather, the clothes…. ahh why am I talking about Fall again?! Oh yes I remember, the Summer is drawing to a close and my birthday season begins.

This weekend is going to be a busy one – I have 3 cupcake/cake orders to do this weekend which means my brand new kitchen is about to get broken in, BIG TIME. Plus, we are attending a very special birthday party for a very special young lady – my niece! She just turned 13 on Wednesday!

Here she is December 2009
And here she is over Spring Break

I was going to put a baby picture in there, but I don’t want to embarrass her 🙂 I have to say, all of my little babies are growing up way too fast. In fact, they are not babies anymore! They are growing up to be some of the greatest young people I have ever known. Thoughtful, smart, witty, silly and just plain awesome. Like I always say, they definitely take after their aunt – this aunt. Not that other crazy aunt.

Well since there are 3 of us – what does that make me? We need a third option.

Smile! Tomorrow is Friday – We made it through another week!

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